Land Surveying Services at Reasonable Prices


Approximate price list

A. Lot Surveys

  1. Typical lot & block survey without plat $600+
  2. Typical lot & block survey with plat $1150+

B. Boundary Surveys (call for quote)

  1. Less than 5 acre parcel $1150+
  2. 5-10 acre parcels $1950+
  3. 10+ acre parcels $2950+

C. Lot Splits & Tract Splits (call for quote)

D. Topographic Surveys (call for quote)

E. Subdivision Work (call for quote)

F. Construction Surveys (call for quote)

G. Elevation Certificate in Zone A without BFE $750

H. Elevation Certificate in Zone AE with BFE $850

I. Elevation Certificate in Zone A with BFE $1,950+

NOTE: All of the above prices are estimates and should be treated as guidelines only. Actual costs will come in a written contract to be signed by the requesting party (client). These prices do not include "blazing" or marking property boundary lines. These prices can change at any time without notice on this site.